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Browse our selection of indoor and outdoor Architape Pro LED tapes. Opaline luminaires. aluminium profiles, lenses, covers, and related fittings.

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Architape Pro 50 RGBW LED Tape
An excellent choice for general and decorative lighting applications.

Containing 48 RGB and 48 White Nichia LEDs per metre, these RGBW light strips can change colour in the blink of an eye. They combine exceptional RGB light output with excellent white light performance, offering a long-lasting and versatile solution for colour changing lighting applications.
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Architape Pro IP67 RGBW LED Tape
The perfect solution for outdoor LED linear decorative, cove lighting, curved applications, edge lighting and more.

These IP67-rated LED strips use the highest quality materials, including Nichia LEDs and a current stabilization system that ensures consistent performance and a long operating life. The easy to clean housing is fully UV resistant, and salt and solvent proof, making these LED tapes a reliable and versatile choice for creative outdoor lighting applications
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