Architape is more than just a supplier, we are your partner in light. We bring your creative ideas to life with innovation, precision, and dedication to quality.

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Leverage our extensive knowledge and experience through customised product quality consultations, bespoke luminaire design and fabrication, and personalised product recommendations tailored to your specific project requirements and client aspirations.

Architape is more than just illumination; it's a canvas for your creative aspirations. We empower architects, designers, and builders to redefine the possibilities of light.

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Our mission is simple: to supply the highest quality linear LED solutions for architectural and decorative lighting applications. We believe in the transformative power of light, and we're dedicated to crafting products that not only illuminate spaces but also enhance them, creating breathtaking visual experience


Architape Pro LED tapes 

These flexible linear light strips tapes are the ideal solution for a wide range of professional lighting applications from decorative cove lighting to furniture illumination. Built to the highest quality standards, they use Nichia LEDs to ensure consistent and reliable output, while a thick and durable copper PCB and current stabilisation system guarantees a long operating lifetime and stable performance.

Profiles and Fittings

The ideal match for out Architape Pro LED tapes, our aluminium profiles are manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards. We also supply the lens, endcaps, mounting clips and connectors needed to build a complete fitting.


Our products are used to provide  architectural lighting in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. The projects shown here provide some stunning examples and inspiration on where and how our products can be used.Whether you're a fellow innovator, a potential partner, or simply curious about the future, our projects section offers something for everyone.

Opaline Luminaires

Rated to IP67, our custom-built Opaline luminaires are ideal for any outdoor installation. Choose from our Opaline Flex range - perfect for curved surfaces, following contours and for creating interesting shapes, or our linear profiles, available in a range of sized to suit a wide range of applications. Manufactured in Europe and tested in the UK. 

Architape: Uncompromising Quality, Unmatched Versatility:

Introducing the pinnacle of flexible LED technology - Architape's line of premium strips, meticulously crafted with Nichia LEDs. Experience brilliance redefined, with:

  • Unparalleled White Colour Range: Immerse yourself in a spectrum of possibilities. Choose from white color temperatures spanning 2000K to 6500K, achieving the perfect ambiance for any setting. With CRI up to 95+, ensuring vibrant, faithful colour reproduction.
  • Dynamic Control at Your Fingertips: Go beyond static illumination. Explore the vast potential of tuneable white and RGBW colour-controllable LED tapes. Craft dynamic lighting experiences, seamlessly adapt to moods, and push the boundaries of creative expression.
  • Form Follows Function: Embrace design flexibility. Select from a captivating array of profiles - surface mount, corner profile, recessed, and pendant. Discover the perfect solution for every architectural concept, blending seamlessly with your vision.
  • Unleash Outdoor Brilliance: Conquer the elements. IP67-rated tapes and custom-built Opaline luminaires withstand the harshest environments, bringing your vision to life even under open skies.

Contact us today and unleash the brilliance within your next project. We'll be your guide through the spectrum of light, shaping visions into reality.

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